Please do something about the blurred faders

Hi Steinberg
You are not listening to the older generation that wear glasses.
Those fader caps on the mixer are diabolical and not as pin sharp as Cubase 12 or any other daw.
I look at them and feel dizzy just looking at them because of that silly two tone stupid design.
This is a rant for me and now it is over. Just listen to your faithful purchasers.

All the Best


I don’t want to start a fight, but on my screen the fader knobs are pretty sharp.
Maybe you could try different screen resolutions and Scaling settings.

Are you on Windows by any chance? If yes, you are not alone. There seem to be some issues with the Windows release in connection with 4K monitors and UI-scaling.

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Actually on this screen shot I see the problem for the first time. The faders look just slightly off-focus, as if a camera lens not getting the focus quite right.


I think it’s the reverse shading compared to 12 that does this. In 13, you see that the slanted parts, the edges of the fader on the upper side and the lower side are shaded. In 12 it wasn’t like this.

Personally I can’t say that I find this new style of fader shading in 13 to be an improvement. Others downright detest this, we’ve seen the threads.

The reason why I don’t like this style too much is that it’s as if there is a small lamp somewhere near the focus of the parabola (the dip that the fader makes), so the inside part is very illuminated, and then the outer parts are illuminated by diffuse light. And this is for each single fader.

I don’t know if that’s the reason why my brain “rejects” this design, and if a different lighting would fool me better.

(For example, imagine if we had a led-strip on the very top of the mixconsole. Depending on the height of the fixture, we would see that the very top part of the fader would be very illuminated, the top part of the inside of the fader “dip” would be shaded, the bottom part of the dip would be illuminated, and the very bottom part of the fader would be shaded. And this would apply for any fader on the desk because the light source is stationary. Now, in 13, it’s as if each fader carries its own light source just over its center-line.)


To me they look out of focus and it make me feel seasick looking at them.
I too do not want a bun fight, but if you look at Cubase 12 the faders are sharp and ok with me ,but ever since 13 came out , i just simply hate the new look.

All the Best

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These new faders cause an optical illusion to many and ok with people with 20/20 vision.
If you just look at then when head turning, they make you feel slightly dizzy.
If you keep staring at them it eventually focuses. As soon as you look away and the look back they look fuzzy again. They need to go back to the Cubase 12 and previous ones.
If i look at Mixcraft faders they are pin sharp and pleasant on the eye, but i need Sys Ex.
All the Best

I am on windows 11 using just a normal monitor Samsung .

I know, I know. Fortunately for me, I just register them as slighty blurry, but I’m used to seeing things blurry and out of focus for years now with my astigmatism, so it’s not that big of a deal for me. I can imagine it could be worse for others.

I have pretty good eyesight with glasses, but still the dreaded blur i see as in top photo.
I just wish that someone from Steinberg would get this altered quickly as redoing the colour scheme makes no difference to me.

All The best

Just in case you were curious, this is what the faders look like on MacOS:

This is from a Macbook Air M1 though. I can make a screenshot when I am on the Samsung screen Mac Studio

Screenshot from the Mac Studio with 4K Samsung Screen:

(With EQ and Insert Slots on top, which scales the sliders smaller)

I made my second mixer window more naked, containing only the slider knobs, which scales them bigger:

So maybe a temporary fix might be to play around with different mixer UI configurations?

My final sharpest guess is that C13 UI testing was rushed for the Windows release and the Mac release just looks crisper and more polished because it was simply just tested more? Larger user base?

It’s a really odd thing about the faders. I have eyesight issues (including colour blindness) and I was one of the first to kick off about the new UI on the long thread that was eventually locked. BUT … I just can’t see this problem with the faders. They look fine to me on W11 - maybe not as sharp as on C12, but perfectly workable. I can’t see a red berry on a green tree, but the faders work for me. Very strange.

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I can see C13 fan lyrics in the making :star_struck:

But you are right, W11 faders don’t seem as bad as some other things upper in the inspector for some users as I have seen with colleagues using the Windows version. I hope they can fix this somehow.


This Cubase demographic is in the minority. I wouldn’t expect Steinberg to make much effort to accommodate it.
The faders look ok to me. It’s the whole flat, 2D theme that makes my eyes ache. But that’s Windows in general.
I’m 70 in a couple of months. I’m short-sighted. three quarters-deaf in one ear, half-deaf in the other. I make questionable recording/mixing/mastering decisions.
Cubase 13 is what it is.

Well, for me Cubase 12 is what it is.
Let’s see what they do with C14.

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Weird, I don’t look at the faders long enough for my eyes to even attempt to focus on them. At most I notice the black line in the middle, but I’m honestly too busy using my ears and looking at the meters. Is there more to this concern that I’m missing?

I recently sold my Qcon ProX to make room of other kit as I found I wasn’t using the physical faders nearly as much as I used to … I’ve been gradually using on-screen faders and mouse more and more as the control panel has so much more information . They look good to me, but others seem to disagree pretty strongly.

For me if i look at them they look burred when first looking at them.
If you concentrate for a few seconds you can get a clearer focus.
if you look away and back again the same happens.
It is just the way the shading is on the design and gives out an optical illusion.
Look at Cubase 12 and this does not happen .
I wished that Stenberg would listen to people who wear glasses.
Ok, It is not the end of the earth but bad design in my view.