Please dont get angry, I'm a newbie

Hello everyone, greetings.

I have a big painintheass about cubase 7 & Maudio Oxygen 49
Everythings great but I dont know how to assign “Undo” to any button. And without “uındo” button, Oxygen49 transport panel is useless b’coz I record too many times.

Can you tell me how to do this?

Thank you very much and sorry If I posted in wrong place

UNDO within Cubase is executed by either an Edit Menu dropdown or a Key Command executed from the host computer/OS. Cubase has no facility (that I know of) that translates incoming MIDI (like an assigned CC to an Oxygen button) to a Key Command.

Perhaps something like Bomes MIDI translator is something that will do it?

That’s all I got. Good luck.

I’m not in front of Cubase right now, but it should be possible using generic remote. It has access to pretty much any command that is available in the menus.

About your specific woe, in C7.5 there’s “rerecord mode” which means that pressing record again restarts the recording from where it was previously started. Sounds like the thing you need.

Yes, like Soul-Burn said, you should try “Re-Record” mode. You can set this in record-mode section of the transport panel. Also you should download the latest direct link drivers for cubase from the maudio website for your oxygen 49. I guess you will be able to assign some cubase key commands to the oxygen 49 buttons then.

Thank you very much for your friendly recommendations. But I WILL NEVER do THE SAME MISTAKE again ! I HATE M-AUDIO.
I’m 32 years old & it started with Delta Series, Their software & drivers really SUX

It says PERFECT INTEGRATION with cubase but THERE IS ONLY DRIVER for CUBASE 5 !!! 3 years and no drivers for cubase 6 or 7. And the CURRENT driver is NOT working with CUBASE 7 !!! NO hyperlink !

Thank you…

Check to see if it can send ASCII characters (i.e. letters, space, arrow keys, etc.). If it can, you can assign one of the buttons to send the ASCII character for the key command that is assigned to the Undo. It is possible with the Axiom Pro but I am not sure about the Oxygen. Concerning the Hypercontrol and Directlink utilities, there are personalities available for Cubase 6 (ver. 1.1.6) that are working nicely here. I have seen some posts by people using that personality with C7 with success.