Please don't roll your eyes cause I'm a guitarist AND a Newbie

I thought I was rockin & rollin Saturday…
Audient ID4 is my interface & never looked at CuBase until this weekend.
VST Labeled inputs and outputs created presets so I knew which were me.
Figured out how to play a backing track & I could hear it in about 20 minutes in projects.
Figured out how to add a track and play along with it in another 10 minutes.
Figured out i could record, save to .cpr file, retrieve and play that back in CuBase in about an hour.
Did a mixdown to a wave file too and played it back. Man I got this… NOT!!
Tried to do it all again on another project with a different backing track and couldnt get anything to work the same.
Where can I go to spend an hour having someone figure out what I’m not setting up/saving correctly?
Otherwise I am really excited about this new practice partner!!
Type slow though I’m 61 :slight_smile:

Thanx Everyone.

Hi and welcome,

Dou I understand you right, you cannot Export Audio?

Make sure you set the Left and Right Locators to set the exported range. File > Export > Audio Mixdown. Set WAV file. 44.1kHz and 16bit is aduio CD quality, which I would recommend (for example Windows Media Player doesn’t play back 24 bit WAV files).

f this doesn’t help, could you be more specific, where do you stuck, please?

I recommend you watch the Steinberg Cubase getting started videos on youtube. What and how they show you will help much more than the words we can share. You will pick up the terms and if there’s anything specific you get stuck with, return here and we can help.