please don't tell me I have to install again ?

Ive just updated from WL7e to WL8 ,now the down load link was for version 8.0.1 and I thought I would be able to patch upto 8.2 .
Are you telling me that I have to reinstall everything again , loose the workspaces ive setup , if so why on earth are you still selling 8.0.1 as this is a right PITA .Like most people in our days im running SSD and im trying to keep installs and writing on them to the minimum ,could someone please verify this for me .


Pretty much all of us were on 8.01…simply apply the 8.02 patch and away you go.

BTW the 8.02 patch is the full version as far as I know. You should not loose anything like workspaces etc.


yes this is the point that 8.0.2 is a full installer , why are they still supplying a download link with 8.0.1 even thou it’s not on the download page ???
It’s a waste of time downloading the first link in that case and yes it reset the workspaces once it over wrote with 8.0.2 .

Not sure on that one but I do know that 8.01 is the LAST edition of WL8 that will support Windows XP - that may be one reason it’s still up there.

My 8.02 did not overwrite anything. All my settings etc were available as per normal. However - I am running the full WL - not Elements etc…


It’s actually the last version that will install on XP so grab it while you can and put it in a safe place!