PLEASE eliminate hovering in the mixer!

Adding my voice to the AWFUL hovering situation on the mixer. Very sad.

+1 but the problem is much deeper than just eliminating hovering. The design philosophy is a mess. The infinitely resizable sections and channels in the mixer is the basis of this problem. There is no need. Pick a couple of useful track widths for example and no need to tidy up the overcrowded mixer with disappearing buttons. Get rid of the tabbed sections and scrolling to see hidden things. Ahhh! If I was to design it I would do something like…want to use the Eq section hit the EQ tab and the entire upper mixer section shows just the mixer EQs. Want to work on rack effects… The entire section becomes the rack effect section. This constant resizing, opening and closing tabbed nonsense drives me nuts. But yes the worst part in the hovering nonsense. Constantly clicking in the wrong spot and opening the preset menu or plugin menu instead of opening plugins.

:laughing: Do you know how bad this would get?

It would take 5 years to come to an agreement on how much of a loss we’re willing to absorb in trying to sell it back to Yamaha. :smiley:

+1 to this being a horribly annoying problem. I completely agree with buzzlegs that anyone (whether you want to call it a pro or not) who has been using Cubase for 8 to 12 hours a day for the last 10 years will be sick at using this new feature on the mix window of hovering. If someone says they don’t mind the .2 seconds of extra time then they clearly are not a professional and fast user…case closed on that in my opinion.

Steinberg, get some real working professionals to try out your product before you release it.


Bear in mind though that having a cleaner interface can save time, so microseconds lost due to one design decision can have a knock on effect of saving microseconds elsewhere.

Do you think they didn’t consult any pro users before they made the change, and/or that all pro users must agree with you in bemoaning the design choice?

I am sorry, but I find posts like this irritating. It’s the “my way is right, and everyone else is wrong” attitude.

So, ready or not, here you go:

I am a professional (I make money using Cubase, and this all I do), and I consider myself pretty fast as well.

See? So, now you have someone who doesn’t mind the .2 seconds of extra time who is clearly a professional and fast user. This renders your argument - and everyone else’s similar argument - irrelevant. Case closed on that in my opinion.


Regarding the “0.2 second delay”, has that timing even been verified? I’ve heard others say in the past it’s a 0.1 second delay. To be honest i’ve never felt I had to wait on it in a way that slowed me down in any way.

I notice the likes of Logic Pro X has a similar hover function, but rather than spacing the buttons out over the edges like in Cubase it coverts the entire slot into 3 small buttons, which I observe people misclicking as well, so i’m not sure what the best solution is.

I still say the problem is in the infinitely resizable sections in the mixer. Why do we need this? Pick a 2 or 3 useful sizes and go from there. Then you don’t have to worry about buttons overlapping adjacent channels, random resizing display/GPU issues, etc. I don’t mind the overall look of the GUI, it is the implementation and work flow that is a mess. Is Steinberg getting there? Maybe, but just too darn slowly, IMO.

Yeah - I don’t really know. At this point, I am so familiar w/Cubase, I don’t need to hover over anything to find out what it does. And when I move my mouse over a button to press it, the balloon doesn’t pop up b/c I click right away.

I am still baffled by what the issue is here. I have read almost every post in this thread, and still can not understand why people have a problem with this. Unless something has changed so drastically in v8 - which I do not have…

That said, I would certainly not be opposed to an option that turns the balloons off; I just don’t see SB investing the resources here.


It’s not tooltips people are talking about. It’s the buttons that only appear when you move the cursor over the likes of an insert slot. (i.e. the ones you use to turn on/off the insert, choose the insert etc)

Oh - wait a sec… we aren’t talking about this:

Indeed, as I say, that’s a tool tip.

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, ok, well if that’s the case, then I apologize here. I thought this is what we were all talking about.

So yeah, I can see this as being annoying. But I still say it should be a pref.



Hovering is no show stopper for me, but yes it could be removed and I wouldn’t miss it, for sure. So +1.


To eliminate hovering I would like to use key modifiers. For ex. Ctrl+Click = Bypass Insert, Alt+Click = Activate/Deactivate Insert, Right Click = Replace Insert, etc.

In this case we would be free from all those knobs at all and wherever I click I open Insert Effect Editor or Click with a modifier will lead to appropriate function. No hunting for knobs and areas, no pop-ups.

To see all parameter’s values - another button on the tool bar and of course key command.


I dislike the hover UI design choice. Good user interface design should not have “hidden” functionality. I often misclick or miss the required area. Really bad design IMO.

It’s bad when I watch someone hover and they suddenly appear. So they move their mouse to make them go away.

It’s worse when I do it myself.

I don’t need values, a bar is far more tactile, i could’t care less if a send in on -4.31dB or - 4.29dB if it sounds good it is good I DO want to keep seeing the current level bars in the sends though, they work GREAT so yes please keep AS IS, nitpicking over 0,01dB is not pro, if you need visual confirmation because you can’t hear it, that’s amateur…