Please enable touch scrolling in dialogs for Windows!

Dear team,

I was just messing around for a few minutes in Dorico on my laptop and couldn’t help but notice that the various options dialogs wouldn’t respond to touch input, like scrolling… Scroll bar to the right works fine, of course!
Would enabling this be too much to ask for one of the coming updates?


The five main options dialogs are already scrollable via touch, or should be.

Hey Daniel,
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work here… :pensive:

OK, I’ve made a note to review this at some point.

Thx! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pray:


I figured after a new major version bringing this up again isn’t considered bumping?
I really like working with touch on my Windows 11 2-in-1… :wink:

Have a great evening,