Please Expand Drag and Drop

Fantastic that Cubase allows drag and drop. Respectfully ask that this feature could be expanded so that one does not have to drag all the way from the right of the screen to the tracks list…if we could just drag to anywhere in the arrange and the VI or whatever would appear below whatever track you have highlighted, for instance, this would be a lot easier. Much as I don’t like Studio One, they do have this implemented well. For the record, it’s probably worse with me because I have a large widescreen monitor;)

Unfortunately not coming back Tom - yes, you read that right…!

When it was very first introduced, it was just as you describe - and there was deep joy; a new workflow was brought to bear.! Rejoice, rejoice.!! And dozens and dozens of Cubase folk loved it.! There were posts, there was thanks, there was praise.

But the Nuendo folk didn’t get on with it all. They complained. So Steinberg pulled it, and ‘fixed’ it so that it only works by dragging on to the actual Track Header.

A compromise indeed. The End.


You can drag instruments to the arrangement window but not the FX

Bob…thanks for that, as a relatively new Cubase Pro user I wasn’t aware of that!

What on earth could they have been griping about? All they had to do is not use it;)

Well at least it’s partially functional!