Please explain audio recording modes to me

Hi All-

It’s been years since using Nuendo/Cubase.

I’m tripped out now that whenever I have a track record enabled, and transport plays back. the track will go into recording and erase takes?..I didn’t hit record, only playback…I don’t like having to unarm a track to hear it after each take or it gets wiped…The manual explains re-record, and start at cursor but this is too confusing when doing punch ins.

what would be the old way of punching in? which is what I want… I want to set in and out punch points,.and then a cycle points outside of these points and have the track loop recording takes,

not sure I’m being clear?

thx in advance

They are explained on page 273. Sounds like you have the “Replace” record mode selected. Maybe you have Punch In enabled which would explain why it starts recording if you only hit play. You can have the Punch Points locked to the Locators or set them independently. Make sure you have them enabled in the bottom bar to see them.