Please explain Kontakt on Cubase

Hi all,
I’ ve been following a tutorial on building a template in Cubase.

The instructor has multiple instances of Kontakt and builds a template using a library such as
Albion Strings or Symphonia each in its own seperate respective instance of Kontakt in Cubase.
I have learned that libraries such as EWQL with Play do not work in Kontakt (and wonder
how many other libraries this is true for).

So…can somebody explain what the benefit is of building a template and populating Cubase with various
presets via using libraries in Cubase and Kontakt as opposed to just populating Cubase with the samples
via each individual library’s sample player like Player for EWQL, Aria for Garritan, Play for EWQL Symphonic Choirs, whatever player Albion works with, etc., and whatever other proprietary sample players are unique to various libraries and are not supported by Kontakt.

In other words , what is the benefit of making a template using Kontakt and the various sample libraries within Kontakt versus using the various libraries outside of Kontakt ?