Please, fix audio playback in loop/timestretch


So this has been ongoing for too long.

Here is a 4 bar loop consisting of two audio events (kicks)

The original tempo of the audio files is 123bpm.

If one adjusts project tempo, even by only 3 bpm (original file 123bpm - new tempo :120bpm) the audio file is skewed terribly at start and end of each audio event.
You really need to fix this.

Audio examples:

Original 123bpm (sounds normal)

New 120bpm (unuseable)

Thank you for a quick fix.

Please move this to issues section…


Take original file below

-Open cubase (120bpm)
-put it on an audiotrack from the beginning of the timeline
-duplicate it so you have 4bars filled (2xthe audiofile)
-loop the 4 bars
-listen to how the audio gets messed up

Optional Additional step- increase bpm to 123 (audio loop plays fine)

Thank you.


Cmon guys, its a a simple loop… cubase should be able to play it properly…

(Dont wanna say something silly, but even Traktor can play this better…)

I believe in you!


Your transients are being mangled, probably due to the stretch algorithm defined for the clip.
Try a different algorithm. It’s probably defaulting to “Elastique -Time”.
Sometimes “Standard - Drums” gives better results on percussive material.
(You can change the algo in the audio pool or in the Cubase sample editor)

Hey bud:)

I have tried them all… Again and again, from version to version…:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the solidarity tho:)

Ok, looks like i will have to bump this until someone acknowledges it as an issue…

Repro is there for testing at your discretion…

Even if i cut one of the above kicks out and repeat it in a loop, its always somehow fluctuating … Absolutely no consistency…


Edit: ok not such a super prio anymore…i have found a workaround…

Here it is:

Loop one or two kicks that sound “normal” and render… Cubase can work well with its own rendered material and this “flux bug” doesnt affect it then…

I will not bump this anymore…

We are aware of the issue and hope it will be fixed sometime… For now, the workaround will do:)