Please fix audio playback of files in cubase


project tempo= 120 … Drum loop = 120

Here is the scenario:

I have a drumloop in mediabay…

as soon as : “allign beats to project” is active, the drumloop sounds like crap… its is washed up and the transients smear randomly…
This “bad” audio remains sounding broken when imported into the arranger… - It is useless audio now.

  • As soon as I remove the " align beats to project" the file plays fine.
    (keep in mind that the file and the project always had the same tempo)

There is a big problem with how the sound gets played back and this is not acceptable for any daw. - even any windows media player can play the files better.

Can we please fix this?

thanks and have a hopefully good year)

-is there some kind of optimization that you can add to keep the transients intact too? thx=)
-p.s. pretty much all of teh timestretch algos in cubase kinda suck… there is no way for any drum loop to be played correctly - no matter which algo I use… - and this is a 120bpm file in a 120 bpm project… - We really need to fix this. please stop all the childish gui changes and fix audio playback…
thx so much:)


Could you attach the file, please?