Please fix auto save

I don’t know about you guys but I love making music. Especially saving it feels really good. Actually being able to listen to it again is such a great feeling. Making money from your music is an even better feeling. But how do you publish music that is not saved? (Philosophical question) Crashing and losing hours of work is a bad feeling. I’m not a big fan of bad feelings.

If auto-save doesn’t work while in “Play” or “Cycle” Mode, how about an option that stops current playback for saving? Imagine all the music that could be saved. Thank you for developing cubase.


Could you attach the crash/dmp files, you get, please?

Because Ctrl+S is so hard to do?

What a horrible idea! I am in the middle of listening and Cubase just stops that because it is time for a save.

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How about its finally made fit for purpose? Then everyone’s a winner.