Please fix Cubase 3.1.1 ASAP

To many stuff seems not to be right.

When I import I get glitches
on the start of audio.

Auv3 effects turning crazy I have no control over my project any more…

Hi Hebreww,

Thank you for your report.
Please try the following steps:

  • Load an empty project
  • Shut down Cubasis, shut down all open apps (including IAA stand alone apps), shut down the iPad
  • Restart the iPad and Cubasis

From here, please take some time to use the app on its own.
Do not use any 3rd party instrument or effect plug-ins at this point.

Please let me know, if the app crashes frequently, when being used on its own.

If it does not crash, please add 3rd party instrument or effect plug-ins piece by piece, to find out if there are plug-ins leading to the problem.
Using 3rd party apps can lead to unforeseeable issues, which are often unrelated to Cubasis.

We’ve been able to solve many user-reported problems via the previous Cubasis 3 maintenance updates.

If the problem persist, please use the reporting form below, to provide us with reproducible steps about your issues.
Once our engineers are able to reproduce the problem, there is a good chance to see them fixed.

Thank you for your support.

Reporting Form

  1. Summary/Title
    (Provide a short but descriptive sentence that summaries the issue or feature request)

  2. Description
    (Provide a detailed description and list the step by step process to reproduce the issue to help the team to understand and reproduce the problem)

  3. Expected Results
    (Describe what you expected to see)

  4. Actual Results
    (Describe what you actually saw)

  5. Environment
    (Count the hardware and software including version numbers being used)