Please fix Cubase 8.5 - Please release another update

There needs to be a good legacy version of Cubase before the huge 9 change. It took me so long to refigure my Cubase 4 projects to 8, 8.5. I know they probably transfer just fine to 9, just not ready to switch yet… workflow changes even if an improvement, take time to get used to, etc. just need a stable 8.5.

Some of us can’t upgrade to 9 yet, either because of current projects, or needing to use hardware that isn’t working well with 9 yet (Novation Automap), etc.

Cubase 8.5 64bit, has been very unstable for me on Windows 10 64bit, lots of crashes. And I feel like certain functions should exist in 8.5 that don’t.

I think new video engine is promised to 8.5 owners as well - so it will be some time this year, I presume.

Next v9 update, if 9.0.30, is to have new video engine, and Nuendo 8 already have.
So that is order of things.

I never had any instability in 8.5, but at first in 9.0 - when I exited and had used Waves plugins it was crash - unless I closed project first properly.
But I am on windows 7.

I assume a good description of your problems is already forwarded here on issue forum.

If anything in past that was a problem, was klinging on to 32-bit plugins. Dropping that and finding replacements very few problems.
V9 dropped all 32-bit anyway.

See I had great stability on Windows 7 as well, for at least a year. I ran Cubase 8.5 32bit on WIndows 7 64bit… Pretty well flawless.

Recently just a couple months ago, switched to WIndows 10, 64bit/64bit… Nothing but issues.

I saw in threads about upgrading to windows 10(cakewalk forum) - make new installs of everything.
Pretty much what everybody said.

I don’t what folks suggest here though.

W10 is a different beast it seems. Very scary.

Instability - I might suspect 32-bit plugins. Not even jBridge is good alternative - I gave it all up.

I saw some feature request I believe, that you would get some help exchanging 32-bit plugins to 64-bit versions when opening projects. I would like to see interactive thingy - “this is 32-bit, please select a 64-bit replacement” or similar. So you can migrate older projects more easily.

Ugh, think I’m going to have to switch back to Win7 setup… what a catastrophe.