Please fix faulty Drag and Drop behaviour in HALion 7


since the upgrade from HALion 6 to HALion 7, loading patches with drag and drop has been a nightmare! Everytime I drag a patch from the browser to the desired slot, I have to be super careful or it will overwrite the patch in the previous slot (?) even if I dragged the patch right over the desired slot.

I get that I have to wait for the “red” borders to appear around the slot, but that seems to be very random, I have to move the mouse cursor around the slot until I can finally drop my patch… that is terrible UX , and I’ve been using HALion since version 4.

I hope you can fix this soon. I’m attaching a video of such behaviour.

Many thanks

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Temporary fix found: disabling HiDPI option in HALion settings makes it work fine, with apparently no other changes to the UI, so I wonder what that option is there for? Maybe it only works in the stand-alone version of the app where fonts actually look bigger / different?

Also, I realized the issue had something to do with HiDPI because the right click in the Program Tree window worked weirdly as well, like if I right-clicked on a voice, the next one would be selected instead of the one my mouse was actually over.

Hope Steinberg will look into this, since HALion used to be a rock solid piece of software until version 7.