Please Fix Folders Editing Bug

Please please please fix folders.

In Short: When editing multiple tracks and some are in folders while others arent, cubase makes the track disappear from the edit windows.

I’ve posted about this before:

The concept is great, but if its not implemented well, which it isn’t, its ultimately useless and counterproductive. At this point its just that for me.

I use, (or want to use) folders extensively with midi in particular. I create large orchestral pallettes with folders and sub folders. Usually the setup is standard Orch and Pop (Winds,Brass, Perc, Strings, Pianos, Struck, Basses, Guitars, Synths) with subfolders in each (Shorts, Longs, Legato, Hi Perc, Low Perc)… This makes organization wonderful. However, during the editing there is a problem which renders the folders not only unusable, but counterproductive.

If you select non-folder parts in addition to folderparts, for instance a piano track (not in a folder) and all your strings (in a folder), when you go to the edit window and try making midi edits, the tracks that are in the folder disappear. They’re still in your project, they just go POOF from the editor.

The only work around this is to make sure everything is in folders, the folders are close and you select nothing but folders to edit. Conversely, you can open the folders and select individual parts to edit. The second is next to impossible on a template with Over 100 tracks and nested subfolders.

What’s worse is that sometimes, rarely, when I open Folders and Midi together (always by accident, but its next to impossible to avoid) - not only do the parts disappear from the edit view, - the project crashes.

So please, please, please fix folders so that we can edit folders with midi. Thanks.