Please Fix Plugin Problems

There seems to be a problem with plugins not retaining the settings that were set when the program was closed, or they are just missing when you reopen the project. This is happening with Audio Units or the stock Cubaisis 3 plugins. I set up the Cubasis Studio Eq, exit program, reopen program, the Eq is set back to 0 (No settings?). I can set up a delay, or reverb, go back in and it’s ether set to a different setting or sometimes the plugin is totally gone. I’m using an Ipad Air (Latest model) ios 13.3 Cubasis 3.3.1

I’m glad I only use Cubasis for mostly recording audio and importing into my desktop daw. I can’t imagine using it to mix a song and coming back to find all your settings wiped out. I would like to use it more, but can’t take that chance.

Thank you for your time.

Yes I experience this crazy shh tooo…

Since I have update cubasis I can’t properly control my project