Please fix the color menu!!!

Hi Guys,

I use a lot of colors in my session; for all the various instruments and synths, with around 8-10 gradients per color group.
On an orchestral session that is a lot of colors, and on my 2560x1440 monitor the color menu reaches all the way to the bottom and even then needs scrollbars to get to the lower colors.

There are 2 things about the current setup that are a pain in the bottom, and that pertains both the color menu from the toolbar or from the track color selection.

Please, please please make the menu a multi column one, that perhaps has a maximum of 16-24 vertical colors before it gains a divider with another column of 16-24 colors.
Also, make it a preference to display the color names or not.

Secondly, make them indexed!!! It would be great if we can then access these indexes from the Project Logical Editor, or even select a bunch of tracks and set an index range which it can use to color them.
Right now you can only access a color by name, and only one color at a time which seems fairly useless…