Please fix the Enter Tempo Key Command, it's broken

At least on my system it is.

I’ve always assigned it near my numbers so I can tap it and enter new bpms quickly.

Now when I do, nothing happens.

Can anyone else confirm that this isn’t working? It’s the key command Enter Tempo in the Transport Section (when in the key commands menu).

This C10 update… little annoyances are really starting to stack up :imp:

It’s working here, with that key command… Are you coming from C9 or earlier? The behavior changed in C9 I think it was. When you edit the tempo it changes the tempo of the closest node to the left of the cursor, or the initial tempo if there are no others…

I upgraded from 9.5 and have been using the key command fine for years on earlier versions.

Just checked again on my system, assigning it to different keys and still nothing. Like you show, it should highlight the tempo but for some reason it’s not.

No idea what’s going on here but as it stands, I’m one key command down :frowning:

Well, maybe it’s corrupt prefs, so start in Cubase Safe Start Mode, and check it out …

Works fine here

I had the same problem, fixed it by slide some parts of the Transport Section options to make ik smaller,
and then slide the tempo section to the right to give more room.
Now you can enter manually the tempo again.

works ok for me with C10, through transport (F2) then edit manually as the animated gif above.

The one big thing I miss it to be able to change this tempo value with a fader on my midi device.
I’ve posted another message about this earlier.

The OP is about using a key command to select the tempo field to enter a tempo. If the field is not visible in the transport panel or in the lower zone transport, a pop-up window appears.

That’s how it’s supposed to work… :slight_smile:

Well… Hmmm… You aren’t really getting the problem? Huh?? For real!!! we want a key command so you don’t need to move from your instrument to where you have the mouse since it could be a bit of a distance between, for example, between your drums and where you have the computer. and I and many others would like a simple key command tho change the tempo up and down, less, more, +, -. Step by step, one click at a time. Please, Thank you!