Please fix the Mouse Drag zoom!

C13 did -something- to mouse behaviour in Windows. I’ve used the mouse drag on the top ruler as my main method for zooming since C1. It was always smooth and predictable.

But C13 has made that frustrating and unpredictable. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it takes several tries before it ‘catches’.

Why can’t it be like it was?

It is like it was. I’m not aware of any changes regarding the ruler zoom.

I have to say: I have the same problem. I thought it was on my side only - am somewhat relieved to hear others have this problem as well. It is really annoying!

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yes, it´s not working as before…

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+1 I also have the same issue
and yes, please fix it … this is one of the greatest feature

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Do you have any precision/context concerning this ? Because each time I am using it, the function works exactly as expected, here, using 13.0.30, without any hiccups.

Granted, I don’t use it that much, prefering the Overview line for any horizontal zoom task, but still…