Please fix the Time Display

I have found the large time display helpful in so may situations. I forget in which version it broke, but I regularly bring it up in a session, just to realize - oh, yeah, it’s broken. Frustrating. Can we expect it to be repaired in Nuendo 7.5 or earlier?

Hmm, are you referring to the dockable window display of TC ?
I don’t have any issues with that one, running once a week on my live recording sessions locked to TC and resolving to WC.
Seem solid .

Thanks lemix for responding. My post wasn’t clear enough. Yes, the dockable time display is what I’m referring to. And it works perfectly for every format except Bars + Beats. This is the mode I need to use for many scoring projects.

Ahhh, I see.
Never use that , strictly TC.
Hoping it (among many other nasties ) will be resolved in the next update.

take care

Thanks Andrew - me, too.

It’s really pretty ridiculous that something that used to work has been broken for over a year. Sorry but it’s just plain unacceptable.

To be honest I have never heard about it before. Has it been mentioned here on the forum previously?
I don’t think that many users use it to show bars and beats thus few or no reports. And if you don’t know something is broken…

Yes, it has been mentioned before, Erik. When I’m tracking myself or other musicians the large bars/beats display has been very helpful. I miss it.
For sync to pic, no problem since I’m usually using time code as the reference.

Hello there,

sorry for this issue. This bug was supposed to be fixed on N7.0.30 but somehow it got broken again on 7.0.35 and went under our radar. We have reopened the issue and it will be fixed again. Sorry about that!

As a temporary workaround, if you scale the window horizontally, you will find a size where it will display the Bars + Bits correctly. Hope this helps!

All the best,

Thanks Luis for the update and the workaround! I’ll try it today.

Thanks the horizontal method works . . .