Please Fix Website Cookie Dialogs That are ALWAYS opening Every Time!

To those that maintain this website - would you please fix the stupid cookie permission requesters ? EVERY TIME I VISIT I have to hit enter to them. I can set custom, I can set ALL, doesn’t matter, they keep coming. Even as you move between subdomains like main site to support to forums, 3 of the same stupid requesters. Its enough to make people NOT use this site because it just never stops. incredibly annoying waste of time for ALL users here. fix it !

OS 12x / Safari if it matters -

UPDATE MAR 2 2022 - its back ! seems like they updated the site for Cu12 and the Cookie dialogs are all over the place again and you have to deal with them every time you come to the site or change sub domains



Yes, please! I was just about to post this. It’s not Safari. I’m on Win 10 using Firefox and get the same thing.

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Exactly the same here.

It did this when the forum first began and then eventually went away, But now “it’s back”

Agreed. On that note WHY do ALL the websites now have these stupid COOKIE notifications now before you can do anything? Cookies have been around forever. It doesn’t make sense. That and we’ve updated our policies. Who cares??

its some dumb EU privacy & personal data storage laws. the EU didn’t quite think this out very well what would happen when their law essentially effects every website in the world reachable in EU countries. if you aren’t “compliant” with EU data laws you could be fined by them, hence this stupidity.

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This is a sign that Cubase 12 is coming soon :flushed:

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:magic_wand: :mage: :grinning:

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