PLEASE for the millionth time - create a keycommand/function to RESET - ALL - SELECTED - SNAP POINTS

It happens all the time when editing small chunks of audio.

There is no quick way of resetting these snap points for multiple events which affects all sorts of editing workflows, parameters and other basic commands like Quantize.

You can see the error in quantize

You can see me correcting snap points one at a time. You can’t correct multiple events at once, unless event starts are all perfectly aligned with one another

The only way to reset a snap point, is with the command ‘Snap Point To Cursor’

This is a request that has been asked for years.

I’ve discovered it is ARA2/Spectralayers causing it when an event isn’t perfectly on the grid/start of a bar.

But this isn’t the only cause,

And of coarse, if you have a pre-record buffer, and then drag back the events but it also seems to just set it sometimes to closes quantize.

please!!! :slight_smile: