please forgive this question again

I know you have probably heard this question a hundred times, but I am one who has tried EVERYTHING I know how, before asking it. I have bought a Zoom H4n, and have installed the ELicense, and registered with Steinberg, and have all the activation process completed, and when I go to open, and use Cubase AI5, it still asks me to register for free(which I have done already), and it wont let me proceed any further. I spent over 2 hours just getting all the elicense stuff to work yesterday. I finally ran the special file they have, and it got all the activation license straight. By then it was so late I went to bed without using the software. I used Cubse many times in the past, but it’s been several years since I’ve done any DAW recording. I’ve sent an email to tech support, but it’s going to be several days before they’re back. Does anyone know how I can get it to work? Thanks in advance for your help.
John Sr.


As far as the registering prompt, that should only appear the first time you open the application and there should be a Remind Me Later or Already Registered option. Specifically, what’s not working as far as the license activation? There are plenty of good knowledge base articles on how to get it working. Follow that, and let us know where it goes wrong. :wink:

Thank you Bane. I have my elicense all showing in tact, I have activated and registered Cubase; everything seems to be in order, and I get through the point of “you are now registered with Steinberg, and have access to all the forums, and your product is now permanently activated”. I then go to open the program to use it, and I get the “you must register this product; it is absolutely free, and you will get access to all the forums,ect”. The only options it gives me are to “REGISTER” or “CANCEL”. If I follow the registration process again, it tells me I’ve already done this, and it show all my license numbers, and my activation numbers; if I press cancel it just shuts down back to the desktop. I understand how important it is to defeat piracy, and I support it fully, but this just seems too complicated for the end user. I’ve now been waiting 7 days to use Cubase with my new hardware, but I can’t. Thank you for your reply, and I’d love to hear any suggestions from anyone. I’ve used Cubase SX 1.01 for years, but then took a long break from recording, and have just started to get back to it. Thanks again.
John Sr.

Once you registered at MySteinberg, did you use the auth. code to download a license from eLicenser?

If so, Google how to install an app via the Command Window in overwrite mode and do that with the eLicenser app that came on the install disk, not the latest, and see if it generates a new Auth. number for you to re-auth the software and download a license.

johntheson: Watch this video on activation a few time’s.

Cubase LE 4 Activation Procedure - YouTube :wink:

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Nice link, Halljack. You know, if all else fails you can go to MySteinberg, delete registration, and use the way it is prompting you to register. That will only work if you registered in MySteinberg yourself independent of the app. Maybe that will convince Cubase that you HAVE registered, by doing it that way. Strange, as even on the video there was a Remind Me Later option.

Thanks to all who are trying to help. I watched that exact same video twice while trying to get all my activation/registration codes to work. I finally installed the “special” file that is available as a last resort for failed attemps to generate an Elicense. That solved all the problems with generating the numbers I needed to get Steinberg to send me my registation email with the codes to activate my product. I thought all was well then. The video on youtube that gives the remind me later option is for Cubase LE4; LE5 doesn’t give you that option. You have to follow the startup app, or just close it out. Like I said I thought all was well when I finally got my elicense numbers, and my steinberg numbers all listed in my license window of the elincense app; I went to bed after that , as I was tired after spending hours trying to get that far. I thought I’d start fresh with cubase the next day. That’s when I discovered it still wants me to register, but of course I cant because “my steinberg” tells me I already have , and it show all my licenses and activation codes right there on the page. It’s like a vicious cycle. Thank you though for yopur desire to help me. I just don’t know what to do next. I’m afraid to start deleting my registrations, ect. This just shouldn’t be this difficult. It’s a bit much to ask someone to spend hours just trying to get the app up and running.

I thought I’d add this: I am not trying to get cubase started now through the startup app that I used during installation; I’m just trying to start LE5 from the regular shortcup or start menue in windows. Thanks again.

I just tried to start cubase again, so I could see the error message, and it says: if you want to continue to use this program, you must register it with steinberg, it is free, and you will gett access to all forums and support, and it gives 2 options to follow…REGISTER or CANCEL

Wonderful. :unamused: Well, don’t be afraid to delete registration, you can always reregister anything. This is nuts that it forces you to register before you can use the application. My question is: how did you go about registering when you first did, using Cubase’s prompts or opening MySteinberg independently of the application? It should be as simple as deleting registration in MySteinberg and reregistering using Cubase’s prompts. I hope that it is.

I’d like to thank all you guys that took the time to help me. I finally got it all straight when tech support got back to work today. They got right on it. Thanks again to you all.
John Sr.