Please fully document ALL the Key Commands


Did you adapt your Cubase Key Commands to Cakewalk/SONAR version? If yes, maybe you could even share the Key Commands.xml file (if you are willing to do so).

No, I didn’t. I tend to try to adopt the predominant shortcuts of whatever the software is that I’m using… unless it’s just a little strange. A couple changes I made was:

Zoom Tool: Z
Undo Zoom: Shift-Z
Zoom to Project (it’s a macro built-in!): Ctrl-Shift-Z

I can’t remember the others… Cubase’s UI is like a decade old, and they need to improve the experience for customization and key commands… Like making it easier to click a button to “show customizations” or similar. I’m really trying to warm up to Cubase and so far the responsiveness of the the Sonar/Cakewalk/BandLab folks is really putting the Steinberg folks to shame. They just fixed a long-standing bug in Cakewalk/Sonar where the track “interlave” toggle (stereo vs. mono) wasn’t quite allowing stereo effects on a mono track. Cubase, despite it’s massive commercial nature, still requires a whole new track that’s configured as stereo to be able to do that. Kinda lame, IMHO. (I’m really trying folks… :slight_smile: )




Glad to see this is being kept alive. As a former software architect, the absolutely MADDENING thing about this is that there is literally NO reason to not do this. ALL modern development environments allow for developers to document as they go. AND here’s the thing: the developers DO KNOW.

It wouldn’t take -that- long to do this sort of clean up. There are a ton of clean up items that would make power users lives a LOT easier. (Making UI objects consistent, consistent spelling, nomenclature, keywords, etc.) It’s stuff you could assign to an Intern.


That would be a great intern gig too. ID what is missing and then find someone who can explain the missing bits to you. After that project was over the intern would have a pretty in-depth knowledge of how Cubase is structured overall.

hello friend, you have them ALL in the Cubase manual. since a few versions of Cubase.

If only - not even close. The lists in the manual only shows the Key Commands that have default Keys assigned to them. There are several times more Key Commands that do not have default keys assigned.

Also these lists don’t document what the Key Command actually does, which is what the request is for. The lists just show the key assignments.

An example.
If you look in the manual in the Tools section you’ll see it lists the Split Tool and shows it assigned to the “3” key. But there is no description of what the Split Tool does. Now that might seem obvious until you look at the Key Commands using Cubase and see there is also a Cut Tool available (which isn’t listed in the manual because it has no default key assigned). What distinguishes the Split & Cut Tools? No way to tell. When I assigned a keystroke to the Cut Tool it didn’t seem to do anything although it certainly might in a different context. Who knows? That’s what I want documented.

I’ll just add that, for me, it was something of an Easter Egg Hunt with every version for a few years. One would literally find new, but undocumented functions in the Key Commands. Not just undocumented Key Commands, but -functions- that were not exposed by any menu or right click.

The tree falling in the forest metaphor comes to mind.

First I thought “wtf???” :open_mouth: :laughing:
But it’s great information !!! Thanks a lot for your effort in the links.

Most of the items are about one line long and would fit in a wish I’ve had for a long time.
You can resize the whole Key Commands dialog box, right?
To the right of the column with the names of the Key Commands you have the Key Commands.
To the right of that you have … no mans land! :open_mouth:
It would be great to have all those one liners available there for a fast and painless reference.
And why not make it a “mouse over” thing as well and as you hover the mouse over you have a balloon tip with line breaks with a slightly formatted layout.
You just don’t want to RTFM in the middle of it all ???

If you pull it out and make it wider it’s easier to see all the actual Key Commands to the right of their names.
Thye get pushed to the right depending on how long the command names are.
You can push them very faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar by creating Macros with very long descriptive names …
It would be nice with a checkbox to have the column with the Key Commands locked and the names truncated.
Sometimes you want one, sometimes the other …