Please.....get a grip

I am increasingly finding it frustrating how chaotic this forum has become since the launch of Cubase 7. I look at it and wonder how Steinberg’s Cubase development team can make head or tail of what the issues are and prioritise them. Most concerning is some of the comments on this forum are offensive and I very much hope that the team ignore them.

I have some sympathy with the team as I run a UK software house (thankfully nothing to do with music). With this experience, may I offer some advice to those people wishing to report their issues without upsetting those who are in a position to help you:-

  1. Do not call your problem a software bug/glitch. In my line of work, nothing irritates me more than this. If you call it a bug, the implication is that the software team have screwed up when it is much more likely that it is actually your fault. The key point here is that it is down to the software team to replicate it and identify it as a bug, not you.

  2. Is it actually a C7 issue? A lot of the issues I see on the forum are nothing to do with C7 but are due to:

a. Insufficient hardware - audio is possibly one of the most intensive activities your PC will ever undertake. Make sure it is man enough for the job. A lot of the problems I read about sound like insufficient CPU, RAM or hardware/driver problems.
b. Dedicated hardware - PCs need to be dedicated to the task of audio production. Running things like web sessions or checking your email during a session is asking for trouble.
c. Third party VST plugins causing crashes. Why do people expect Steinberg to sort the problems of others out? If it does not work, find something else that does.

  1. Before reporting an issue on the forum, look through the other posts to see if it has already been reported before starting a new thread. If it has, put a post under that thread so that Steinberg can see the evidence that a similar problem has been suffered by multiple users in one place.

  2. A change is not a bug! At this stage with such a new release, I think we should focus on sending a steady flow of information to Steinberg concerning actual problems, not some obscure change that you have been on about for years but for some reason Steinberg have chosen not to include.

  3. Please no ranting! I do not want to read how sht you think C7 is and how crp the Steinberg Development Team are. Stay focused on the problem you wish to report and leave your frustrations on your side of the keyboard.

  4. "C7 is full of bugs and unusable". Codswallop. Plenty of us are using it and are enjoying working through all of the new stuff. No, its not perfect but vague, melodramatic statements like these serve no purpose whatsoever.

  5. THIS IS A NEW RELEASE! If you earn your living from the music industry and depend on Cubase, you should NEVER implement a new version of the software until a. you know how it all works and b. you have tested it thoroughly in your environment with your plugins and peripherals. In my company, we do not upgrade our programming tools until we are completely comfortable with them.

Sorry but I think this stuff needed to be said. Discuss.


This has been going on since the old old (white) forum. I am sure it goes on on other forums as well, but yeah - that is REALLY irritating.

“BUG: ASIO spikes at low buffer settings…SB - fix this bug!!!”

That isn’t a bug.

“Does it work right? No. Therefore it is a bug.”


“Getting feedback hum on one of my channels! Fix this bug!!!”

That isn’t a bug.

“Am I supposed to have feedback hum? No. Therefore it is a bug.”

Oy. :unamused:

+1 i couldn’t agree more …well said

btw thats my favorite word , haven’t heard it in years and along comes the busses !

Yes. It is strange that for a top end product where anyone you speak to in the real world knows what is needed to run the software and do the usual studio maintenance jobs and know what to expect from the software that so many frankly amateurish types without a clue take over the forum with rantings that ignore the obvious right in front of them.

If you buy Cubase and as the surrounding equipment needed is still fairly expensive and tricky to maintain the fact remains that you need to know how to handle it. If you don’t and you bought it because it’s “cool” you’re just another idiot to anyone who sees what is written. That includes anyone (is there a mod there? I really need a mod, types) who you think is “management”.

Too many “bug” reports are just puerile rantings of deluded people who think that they can learn how to be a pop star in two weeks with the Marvellous Cubase and don’t realise that three years is more like the time needed to know enough to be competent at all the usual job type jobs.
And you can’t break the rules until you know the rules and the rules can’t be changed just because they’re “uncool”.

We need more professionals in here. The hammerchewers are getting really old and boring.

Hear, hear. Well put.

Always seems to be folks who have been told by the CIA not to give secrets away. Like any system details.

It’s a resale product sold to consumers. Any reaction, criticism, & yes, ranting, is valid by the purchasing consumer-- and is what this forum is for.

The issue is not that people get upset about new products and then let loose in a forum. The issue is that the reality of such behavior bothers you more than it should.


I understand your position but I understand also people who are here from the beginning and support Steinberg since the beginning,etc…

so as I see you joined this forum since 06 Dec 2012: best regards and welcome

but sorry please no sheriff hat

The fact of Cubase being a product for sale has no bearing either way on how people should interact with each other, and speaking rudely is rude to the same extent in person as on the internet. Some of the stuff people say here would not be said if they were in a actual physical meeting. Also many comments serve to obfuscate the original question rather than add relevance or clarity.

Whether a comment is valid or not to you is a judgment call, and you’re entitled to your opinion obviously.

On the other hand, the expectation that the discussions here be collegial and polite, and refrain from personal attacks either on members or the Steinberg staff is quite reasonable and that practice would serve to raise the amount of useful information that comes through the forums.

Hi All

Strangely, this thread makes me think of a few the many “singers” and “musicians” that walk into our studios and have expectations of “make me a star” never having “walked the boards” or “paid their dues” and when they don’t become instant celebrities,it’s your fault. Thinking that just by hiring you (or buying the software in this discussion) is an instant fix. Maybe it’s to do with the process, I do see many, who enjoy the process of “learning the business” or indeed “learning the software and ergo the recording process itself” but if you don’t you’re probably going to want to blame someone for being unhappy, cos nothing is perfect!!!, Although having been a Logic user who had to swap to Cubase cos he didn’t wanna change all his computers to Macs, I think this latest update is a HUGE improvement and pretty damn close to my ideal working environement,but then that’s just me. Wishing all a fantastic 2013,and all the other years:-))


Dave Abbott

but in a way, arent these “suckers” giving you an income? arent software and hardware companies marketing to an average joe, saying all you need is this gear and you’ll be a star? if only rational people would buy the products would these companies survive financially?

Great Topic/posts!
To many people here claim to be a professionel audio engineers (“i cant work with cubase 7 my clients are angry”) BS. They are hobbyist. Nothing wrong with that. But please dont lie.

Although I understand and agree with you in general, I’m with mholloway on this one; It’s a forum, a support forum for users who payed for the software. They expect support. The fact most of them are clueless and usually at fault is a fact of life, and if you ever worked as support for any product, you’d already be painfully aware of this. What I find irritating is that because most users are in fact clueless, I have to start my posts with “PC HW/SW expert” to get any help on most of my problems, otherwise SB support starts of with things like: "Did you try reinstalling? :unamused: "Still, there is no excuse for lack of support, regardless of user expertise. Problem solving is a rare skill, and expert PC knowledge ever more so. Especially in today’s Facebook generation where everything is served up on a silver platter.
Trust me, they may seem irritating, but the more than pay for it in the trouble they go through to get their setup working, and through life in general. You should count your blessings you know how to keep your rig stable and move on.

And remember… you can’t fight stupid. There’s too many of them. :wink:

I agree. But keep in mind Steinbergs compromising marketing focus ever since the introduction of Cubase SX.

Does Steinberg put their main effort toward improved SEQUENCER CORE FUNCTIONS & WORKFLOW? (The things the 3rd parties like UAD, Waves etc can’t achieve.) Could Steinberg offer better technical support right here similar to how it’s done in the Wavelab forum? I think these are the things most professionals beg for. Unfortunately improved core functions, and better workflow only appeal to those who are experienced and are upgrading.

Or do you market a “one-box-does-it-all” program seducing bedroom producers who get giddy over Loopmash? They went to Guitar Center, purchased Cubase and now they are producers who can do it all. Of course the majority lost interest within months because Cubase didn’t include the “Dr. Luke” composition preset, there is no “fat beets” preset, they can’t find the convert midi to audio button…that must be a major bug right? And they can’t understand why their “masters” don’t sound as loud and bitchen like Brian Gardners. After all…Steinberg has a mastering project template. :mrgreen:

Expect them to blame it on Steinberg and call it a bug. Expect them to use a $300 laptop with built-in audio. They will learn over time what is really required.

This is the world Steinbergs marketing department have created.

if only rational people would buy the products would these companies survive financially?
tb2496 New Member Posts: 32Joined: 04 May 2011 21:44

Yes and then more rational people would post here instead of being too embarrassed by the general idiocy of the online bedroom starlets who claim they know everything. Except how to get Cubase working, usually by doing something no DAW was ever designed to do.

So why buy the top end product and not Sequel, say? They have product for all levels.
If you’ve just passed your driving test you will NOT win the Le Mans 24hr in 6 months. Even if you go out and buy a McLaren car tomorrow. And the McLaren user forum would not exactly understand a “newby” complaining. :mrgreen:
Respect is a two way street. Why are the experienced always berated for telling idiots the facts of life while the idiots get away with large barrels of drivel and insults on account they are “newbys”?
However there are newbies who come in and want to learn and not comment and carp. They are not hard to spot but they are getting as unusual as the sight of a cyclist actually riding where he should be and making the right signals and with proper lighting. ie: They at least have an idea of what Cubase entails to work effectively. I, for one would like to see more of them too.

hehe, so why not separate forums for “new” members and not so new then. btw, my cubase is working fine (for most part).

I believe the supply of “professional audio engineers” and “professional producers” exceeds the demand of singers and musicians! I know of a lot of DAW hobbyists who would love to record a singer or musician…for free just for the experience. Pretty weird compared to a few years ago huh?

hehe, so why not separate forums for “new” members and not so new then. btw, my cubase is working fine (for most part).

I edited my post at the same time as this.

So now we have folk complaining about the folk complaining about the features not quite working as they should, (I nearly said Bug then).

Well I would like to complain about the folk who are complaining about the folk who are complaining about some features in C7 not quite right.

Please feel free to complain about me complaining about the folk complaining about the folk complaining about the C7 features not working as they should. :mrgreen:

I think Conman deserves a forum of his own, where he can handpick the members.