Please give as back the old menu bar and multiline toolbars

Since Cubase got is “very special” menu bar, things never really work. Often it is in the wrong position. The menu bar is misplaced, when the Windows Task bar is at the top. The titlebar of other windows is often outside the screen. This started with the new menu bar. But if you cannot read the titlebar of a window, you cannot move it back to the middle of the monitor. Sometime the “new” menu bar disappears. It would be nice that the project window and the mixer window get two complete menus. Especially when using two monitors, why do I need to switch the screen to get to the menu?

And when you narrow the window, the toolbars at the top and bottom should become multiline, so that you can reach every tool without maximizing the window or reconfiguring the toolbar. Especally on small laptop screen, a one line toolbar is too small for all desired tools.