Please give Cubase/Mediabay search filter Groove Agents 'User Content' Filter

I want to see only my stuff.

I love this little button in Groove Agent, don’t understand why the rest of Cubase and MediaBay doesn’t have it …

Just go to MediaBay and add the User Content folder as a Favorite.

Good tip for MediaBay, but this doesn’t help in other areas such as ‘Load Track Preset’ or ‘Load FX Chain Preset’

So, I mean in all areas where there is search filtering present.

I’m not trying to rain on your request, but-- open the Location tree, and Your user presets folder can be shown.

Ohhh I see, I have to create a sub-folder in Documents>FX Chain Presets. Thanks

Any tips on filtering out 3rd party VST3 Factory Presets? Maybe giving them all 1 star?

In the Media Bay’s Attribute Inspector’s Defined tab click on the gear icon. This will show you about a kijillion more attributes you can assign to different Media Types and then use in searches. And if none of these fit your needs you can also create your own.

Thank you yes, I have figured some things out