Please Give Instructions to install 7.06

Are there any solid instruction to Installing this new update.
I’ve read that many people have had issues with past updates and they are told things like
’ uninstall Cubase, Install 7.02 version and then the new update on top of that’. etc

I would like this to be as painless as possible without a lot of experimentation.

I am currently running 7.02. …too many issues with the other updates.

I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate some help with this.

Go look at the download page. It will be apparent what to do. They have made a 7.0.5 installer. Install, then update.

Thank you.

I didn’t find it apparent, but I did find your advice was what I was looking for… :slight_smile:

Appreciate it!

Is there an exe version of 7.05 as with 7.02?

Would be nice not to have to burn a Dual Layer DVD to get the ISO to install. :frowning:

Just install 7.0.2. After you are done then you can install direct to 7.0.6

Double click on the 7.0.6 installer to install. Simple as that. :wink:

Best Regards

I am having some serious trouble installing 7.0.2. My download stops mid through. I’ve tried it on many macs and I dont understand why it isn’t working. 7.0.5 iso is about half way downloaded now and I’m hoping that works.

My questions is, do I have to burn a DVD to install it?

I cant tell if that was what you meant in the post above…

Can I install without burning a DVD? I do not have a DVD burner.


You can either mount the ISO as virtual optical media or unpack the contents of the archive.