Please give us back navigation key commands

  1. Can you please put back the possibility to assign a keycommand to arrows which move timeline left and right? It was there in old cubase so you could scroll the timeline with ONLY ONE HAND (for example by left and right arrow keys). Now you can only do it with two hands (shift + Scroll Wheel). As a musician i often have my instrument in my hands when i record myself, so everytime i have to put my instrument down and then scroll the timeline((

  2. In old Cubase there was very convinient keycommand “Position to Left of Window” which use to put the cursor on the left edge of the window. Now you have to click to the upper right corner of the timeline to do the same thing. This is very inconvinient.

  3. I use touchpad instead of mouse, so it would love to scroll the timeline with scroll left/scroll right gestures. In that way you also can use only one hand to scroll left and right. Do you plan the support of touchpad in Cubase?

That´s strange that you can’t move the play cursor with kc…I do it, have arrow keys assigned to it. You should check the key commands under the “transport” folder

I’m talking about different thing. It’s not about moving play cursor, it’s about scrolling the timeline left and right while play cursor stays static. Do you have workaround for it?

Preferences/transport/stationary cursors
I guess

Thanks, i know about this one. But i want the contents of the window to be STATIC to concentrate on the waveforms, when i edit particular part of the arrangement. I don’t want to be focused on play cursor and miss the waveform overview.

In that case you should turn off Auto-Scroll.