Please give us back our colours

I’m really struggling with the look of N6, when compared with N4. I’m sure I’ll get used to some of the annoying and downright ugly things (such as the mixer) but the change to black and white on the Transport bar and in the MIDI Editors is giving me a headache. I’m used to being able to see things like Click on/off, pre-roll, Solo (in MIDI editor) with my peripheral vision, but now it’s all black and white I can’t do that any more. I have to stare.

Please give us a choice, because this new black and white look isn’t working for me.

N6 Transport.JPG
N4 Transport.JPG

For some reason one of the jpgs didn’t attach.


I agree. Most people here appear to have forgotten about this or gotten used to it (I think this exciting new feature was introduced in N5), but I could never see any valid reason whatsoever for removing the colours from the Transport bar - change just for the sake of change, or maybe somebody in the programming department just wanted to show that he/she was actually doing some work!