Please, has anyone else experienced this freeze bug?

I’m freezing a track one of these days and I noticed that frozen track stops playing suddenly somewhere in the middle of the track. I got bugged, but I could not find a way of reproduce. But then today again, and it looks like I found the problem: it seems the track is frozen only until the end of the events in the first lane. It worked this way in the first track (I tried again) and it’s the same way on the second. Notice that first track was an Audio Track and second was Instrument Track, so problem is not dependent on the track type.

Please can anyone confirm? It is easy to reproduce, freeze any track in which the first lane ends before another active lane and see if the frozen track plays past the end of the last event of the first lane. You must consider the tail size. If you select 1 second, for instance, the frozen track will play 1 second past the end of the first lane.


With a system like you report in your signature you should not need freeze unless you are overusing your DAW for purposes for which it was not designed.
You may have to freeze the 500th track of a four hour Project if the other 499 use ALL the VST FX on every track. :mrgreen: And all the tracks are orchestra samples.

You must not do a lot of orchestral music,or orchestral/electronic hybrid music. Try a few dozen tracks from the latest East West libraries, Hollywood Strings and Hollywood Brass. Add a few fully loaded Omnispheres, an Ivory track, a Trilian track, a few Stylus tracks. See where your VST meter ends up.

I think “for purposes for which it was not designed” is pretty subjective.

Besides, the OP wasn’t asking if he should ‘have to freeze’, far as i can see.

Orchestral music does not need that many tracks. If it needs one track per orchestra member then you’re going about it the wrong way. Ask any Hollywood composer. They tend not to do things the hard way.

If I was to use that many very powerful VSTis it would crack up Cubase for sure but short of showing off to my large ego I would never use that many and nor would many other serious composers unless one had a bank of computers for each one. Serious composers might own that much but I very much doubt they’d use them all at once. They’d actually use an orchestra which could well be cheaper in the end.
It’s clear someone does not do a lot of orchestral / hybrid music for serious money otherwise they would know the system limitations of any (single) DAW that they use for making money with. (winding you up so don’t go mad) :mrgreen:
You can’t do proper orchestra / hybrid music cheaply whatever system you use. Men or machines.

If you’re not doing it for money and you are doing my hypothetical 500 tracks etc. then you will reach the stretching point of your machine. Learn what that is and you know the limitations and thus you can plan and fully compose what you need to without needing things like freeze which, because thy’re a temporary fix, can just distract you from serious work.

The OP has used freeze as he has found a bug. I’m just advising him that under normal circumstances he needn’t use it.

Well, guess what:

  1. You highjacked my thread;
  2. I need freeze.

I really don’t know why the comments about the number of tracks, FX, bla bla bla. I use A LOT OF FX and samples, so my VST performance is still around 70%, but if it’s not only for CPU performance and eventual spikes, disk streaming begins to suffer with so many streams. Scrolling and editing lowers the margin of VST performance. I’m still recording, so I need to keep latency low.

And NYC Composer said it very well.

And this is pure nonsense:

With a system like you report in your signature you should not need freeze unless you are overusing your DAW for purposes for which it was not designed.

So, please, can someone reproduce the bug I described in the FIRST message of this thread.


I didn’t hijack. You didn’t say why you needed freeze and how many tracks / FX you use leaving me to look at your specs and presume that as you didn’t need freeze with your system under normal circumstances my considered advice was. Don’t use freeze, you don’t need it."

Chances are nobody will reproduce a bug in an area that they don’t need. So you may need to rephrase the question. Ask people to try reproducing it even if they don’t use it.

No need to bite my head off. Just consider my point among others.
Or do you need to condescendingly bite my head off because I’ve seen thru something?

And I very much doubt you can tell me why my system comment was nonsense. Because I can tell you why it’s not. I have such a system and it’s way powerful enough for huge Projects, samples and FX etc. Nobody I know that does orchestral arrangements ever needs freeze since about a year ago at least.

And on a system like yours I’d first look at your drives as the problem involves streaming.

Conman: stopit!!! Why do you always have to do this?

Ceanganb: I haven’t seen your exact bug but I found a similar bug that I think points to a problem in render. I’ve been too busy to report it. Here goes:

I opened an old project to re-render it as an instrumental for possible TV placement and when I did a mixdown (file -> export audio mixdown), the render appeared to complete as normal but the second ~half was silent. Re-rendered one more time and it was fine.

Since freeze and export audio mixdown likely share the same render, I bet this not only verifies your bug, but also points to where it lies in the code.

Every serious orchestral/film track composer I know ( I am one) has a very large template of various demanding VSTi’s, sometimes hundreds of MIDI tracks, so you’re mistaken…and there is no ‘going about it the wrong way’. There is only going about it the way you prefer to work. Many are using multiple computers because of the hefty demands. These templates don’t cCrack Cubase", they challenge any computer. Freezing is one option. Additional computer power is another.

None of this is to the OP’s point. He didn’t ask for your subjective judgement of how he should be working.

To the OP-I’m on a Mac, so I don’t know whether it’s relevant, but I’ll try to re-produce tonight.If it’s a bug, it’s sort of a nasty one.

I don’t make judgements. No point. They can be taken or left and no offence is meant by them so why take offence? In any case I’m allowed to comment without being snidily denigrated. And I didn’t see the small print on the subject header that says “Don’t give me any advice on why this is happening”. Sorry.

I still think it’s worth checking his drives. I’m not saying it is his drives. It’s also an interesting problem if it is, so my comments also keep it at subject top as it’s a fair question. It’s no good arguing with every point that does not say “Yeah, I get that too. Fix it Steinberg.” as your posts will die more quickly. Yes men and nodding dogs are boring.

His i7 computer should run everything he wants to very easily as it’s top spec. If it’s not his working practices then, from very old experience of mine,when you see a bug like this before you shout bug it’s best to rule out as much as you can. Because, however little you think of Steinberg support they probably know more about your computer from their end than you do and if you’re barking up the wrong tree they’ll more than likely let you.

I did freeze a track. All was normal.

Keep in mind that I’ve experienced an identical rendering bug, not when freezing, but when rendering a mixown.

(And regardless of what someone might think about his system specs or whether or not he should be freezing tracks at all, freeze is a function of cubase and it should work.)

Buddy, that’s what makes this forum full of non-answers. How do you dare telling me what I should and should not be using. The last things I’ll tell you are these:

  1. I work with computers for at least 15 years;
  2. same time using audio software;
  3. I did not say it’s a bug, I asked politely if someone else could identify the same problem, you did the mess and the barking here.

I remember very well one Score Editor thread where you insistently posted that the best practice was not to use SE to edit MIDI and blah blah blah, and after that Steinberg itself identified the reported the problem as a bug.

I don’t know why you feel the need to advise everyone with your ´old´ wisdom, but, for the sake of forum productivity: when I report a problem, please,don’t give me any advice that is not directly related with my request, otherwise my very simple questions become this ridiculous arguments. There are other users trying to help and to be helped, and now their answers are lost in the middle of this ´what is and what should never be´ fruitless discussion started by you.

I don’t get irritated easily, and you will notice I’ve been very polite with you in every other interference in the forum.I can’t force you not to answer, since it’s a democratic place, so I prefer to ask you: don’t do that anymore, please. I have at least reported three problems than went into bugbase, so I’m not making stupid statements here, and I’m not playing: I use Cubase daily and heavily to work. It has cost me a lot to buy it and to assemble a good computer and I know how to configure and optimize the whole thing, and you don’t have the right to tell me my projects are complex in a wrong way, as you suggested before.



I use Cubase daily and heavily to work. It has cost me a lot to buy it and to assemble a good computer and I know how to configure and optimize the whole thing, and you don’t have the right to tell me my projects are complex in a wrong way, as you suggested before.

I haven’t TOLD you your Projects are done wrongly . What I actually SAID, if you actually read MY words instead of your OWN mind is that that’s very likely the cause.
I don’t actually read and learn about others posts and reply to each as is as there’s not enough time in the world so, without you saying from the off that you build your own systems, I usually don’t know, not being telepathic, so I assume the lowest half of the knowledge level and build from that. Most posters seem to let me know politely that is the case and we get on with it without fuss. They don’t tell me to shut up because they realise that I’m trying to help.
Sorry you took offence but that’s more to do with your own mind than mine. The other posters are apparently just trying to pick a fight so I’ll leave you all to slug it out out between you. A fuss about nothing really, mate.

is an object lesson into how a thread should be when posters are allowed to disagree in a civilised way before you snidily point out to each other how nasty I am to everyone.

I quit you, for the moment, buddy, unless you mess with another post of mine. You really don’t get it, do you?

Thanks for disturbing my simple question. I’ll create another post (hoping desperately you don’t go there with your ´seeing through´). If you want to continue arguing, please do in this very thread. I have been very civilized as always, and anyone else can witness this, until you insistently distracted other people from helping me and made judgements about what I have not explicitly said.

To me, it’s so easy, brother: freeze function is there, i want to use it, period.

´Oh, but with your system, you don’t need it at all, unless your abusing your machine…´

Come on!

I’m telling you very clearly and frankly here: your advice doesn’t help me at all. Take it anyway you want.

Or do you need to condescendingly bite my head off because I’ve seen thru something?

You’re almost funny, mate. Almost…