Please Help An Old Wavelab User

I use Wavelab primarily to record vinyl for transfer to CD. Lots of old albums in this house; 78’s, 45’s, 33-1/3 rpm. Pretty much everything you can imagine. Over 15,000 I am proud to say.

I jumped from Wavelab 6 to Wavelab 8.5. To break the album down into separate wave files for CD with Wavelab 6 I could hold down the “Ctrl+Shift+arrow” to select the correct portion of the wave file and then “Shift + arrow” to refine the stop point. Then I would merely copy, paste and save it into a new file for each particular tune. Wavelab 8.5 does not do this. Can anyone help me with these simple keyboard shortcuts?

Your help will be very much appreciated.

Even in WL6 I would have approached that task (looking at a single file of the entire album side) by high-lighting the area of the individual track by clicking-and-dragging the mouse to get the approximate range visually, and in WL8.5 you can then click-and-hold that high-lighted area and drag the entire thing upwards and to the right into the tab area of the wave editor display and it automatically creates a new “view” (tab) of the original area of the audio in a separate display.

Transferring vinyl is even easier by just dropping markers and building a basic audio CD though. If you need to process tracks individually, the Audio Montage is your friend.

You appear not to be using the montage. Is that correct?


Perhaps I’m misunderstanding what you are ultimately trying to accomplish, but is there a reason you don’t use Wavelabs feature that auto-detects the silence, automatically labels each track by number, and stores them in a file? Then it’s very easy to create a CD. You wouldn’t be messing with selecting positions, altering them, copy and pasting them.

Maybe I don’t understand your ultimate goal. I’m pretty sure you could do this in WL6 too.