Please help: Are 'playback options' unavailable in Dorico 3 SE?

I have recently started using Dorico 3 SE and I’m really impressed by how intuitive tool it is. There is one problem though. When i go into Play(on a taskbar) I can’t find ‘playback options’ to change rhythmic feel from straight to 8th note swing. Shortcut Ctrl + Shift + P also doesn’t work. I’m creating a piece where swing is really crucial. Please help me.

Playback Options are indeed only available in Dorico Pro - but you can still input swing and rhythmic feels using the tempo popover. This can apply to all instruments or only a single selected one.

Swing is entered in Write mode, using the Tempo (Shift-T) popover. Start typing “sw” into it, a list of options will appear. It doesn’t need to apply to the entire project using a global setting.
edit: didn’t mean to cross the streams there, sorry Lillie :slight_smile: