Please help - can't get any sound out of Cubase LE

Hi have just installed Cubase LE, and cannot get any sound at all. No levels during recording, and nothing in playback. I have imported an mp3 file for test purposes. It shows up with a wave form, but there are no levels in playback.

I am using a Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio sound card.

Please can someone tell me what I have done wrong in my set up???

Really appreciate some help with this.

It looks like the record enable is on. That would silence the audio and monitor the input to the track.

Thanks, I appreciate you looking. I toggled that setting on and off (and anything else I can think of!) before posting.

Here’s a grab with record turned off, and there are still no levels.

Any further ideas?


Could you check your settings under F4 to what your output is routed?

Greetz Bassbase

Thanks, that was helpful. I had checked as many options as I could see against my sound card, including S/PDIF in and out, which I am not using. As soon as I unchecked these, the playback of my test track worked.

The same thing with play back. I had mike and line in checked. My sound card has one socket for both functions. When I unchecked mike, I could see the sound levels straight away!

Thanks for your help.

Interesting setup you have. Audio interface that runs on asio4all, but also an Apogee big ben… :confused:
Those are on the opposite sides of their respective price ranges as far as I know.