PLease Help-Can't get Cubase 5 working with Lion

Hi everybody. I recently bought a new Macbook Pro. But C5 freezes on startup. It scans at the beginning but then freezes when it prompts me to open a project. I click on anything and nothing happens.
I am running the following Macbook Pro
OSX 10.7.4
Processor 2.3 Ghz INtel Core i7
16 GB ram

I have been to the support post on this site and have done everything that it says to do. Below is the post.

I have removed all of the Power PC Vst’s.

What I need to know, do I need to remove the Power PC “Components”?
Or what else can I do. I"m getting a bit desperate because I am beginning a full time teaching position and I really need to use C5.

(Regarding C6 , I live in Kenya and Steinberg does not ship here!!! So I am trying to purchase through a distributor)

Thanks Jeff

Valid for Cubase 5.5.3 and Cubase Studio 5.5.3
Due to the fact that Apple has dropped Rosetta in Mac OS X 10.7, Cubase 5.5.3 and Cubase Studio 5.5.3 are not starting up because of issues with the VST Bridge, when trying to initialize PowerPC based plug-ins.
Please remove the VST Bridge component by proceeding as follows:
• Make sure that Cubase is not running, then go to Finder and browse to Applications.
• Cmd-click (or right-click) the Cubase file and select “Show package contents”.
• Browse into folder Contents/Components
• Cmd-click (or right-click) the “VSTPlugManager.bundle” file and select “Show package contents”.
• Browse into folder Contents/Resources
• Remove “VSTBridgeApp”
• Close all folders, re-start Cubase.
The other alternative is to remove the PowerPC Plug-ins itself on Lion systems, e.g. the ones contained inside the Cubase application bundle (Contents/VSTPlugins… Filter: All files containing the name “Tonic”, Synth: All files containing the name “Embracer” and “Monologue”, Restoration:“DeEsser.vst”). Then there may be 3rd party plug-ins installed in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins, either on user level or system level (or both).

I forgot to mention , I am running Cubase Version
Thanks Jeff

Hi, I got a response from Chris Dobbs regarding my problem. His suggestions seemed to have fixed it. Steinberg, please post Chris’ response on the Fix it page.
Thank again Chris Dobbs!


I would suggest trashing your Preferences to give Cubase a fresh start:

First, please shut down Cubase. Go to Mac Hard Drive, Users, your user name, Library, Preferences. Trash all of the Cubase or Nuendo folders that you see inside of the Preferences folder. This will trash your key commands, preferences, sound card settings, etc. It also should clear up the problem you are having. Restart Cubase. You will need to reset your audio outputs (Devices, Device Setup, VST Audio System). Thank you.

Chris Dobbs
Steinberg US Support