PLEASE HELP (clipping problem)

So i have recently joined cubase elements. Still new to the software and finding my way through it.
But i ran into a problem it is a quite basic problem but i just can’t find similar materials and articles about solving it. If you are experienced in cubase you might solve my problem instantly so please help me out and reply :slight_smile:

I play e guitar. So i recently download a dsp, it was bias fx2. But whenever i had the plugin on, the audio starts clipping. It has nothing to do with whether it is a clean tone or a distorted djenty tone or what not, it even clips with nothing in my bias fx signal chain, as long as if it is on, the audio is clipping.once i had monitoring on, the track i hear through my headphones are heavily clipping and distorted. Even if i turn monitoring off and start recording, the recorded take is also heavily distorted and has clipping issues. This only occurs when i run bias fx as a dsp, the standalone version has no problems in clipping and can run properly. And something very special happened, when i switch to chrome or whatever and play audio or watch videos with cubase in the background, guitar volume off, monitoring off, the audio in chrome started clipping and distorting. I don’t know much about gain staging but i checked everything, the input level , my interface, the tracks and the headroom, the plugin itself. I can’t find anything yellow or red, the levels are all within control. Just to do a controlled experiment, i download a test trial version of a 2 STL plugins, interestingly, one of them which is a ignite amps emissary, there was no clipping at all. But the second one which is a andy james plugin, the clipping occurred again. This makes me confused af. It might actually be the computer’s problem or sample rates or bit depths which i have completely no idea what that is. My pc is a dell xps 13 2018 i7 model. Anyways, if any cubase master users or connoisseurs knows what is the problem. Please and please help me out. Thanks :cry:

Hi and welcome,

Please try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size.

I would also recommend to test your system by using LatencyMon utility.