Please help, correct way to setup Headphone Mixes


I’ve kind of gutted the brains of my studio and built a new PC and bought a Presonus 32SX. I’m using Cuabse 10 Pro.

So I’m figuring out the optimal way to setup headphone mixes while tracking.

Can someone please advise me on the best way to set this up? Do I do this on the mixer? Do I do this with Cue mixes in Cubase? Is it some combination of both?

It’s all a little daunting.

The way I was imagining it, is I would route my project bus channels (gtr, drum, vox, etc…) to faders on the Aux 13/14 page of my mixer (going to my headphone amplifier). And I could handle the headphone mix on the 32SX from there. or is that just too much traffic for the studio to handle? (drums could be as much as 16 in and like 5-10 back to the mixer).

I don’t often record full band. I’ve done it a couple times, but it’s just not the norm for what I do. So having one dedicated output for the headphone amp is generally enough.

When I used to do it on the StudioLive 24.4.2, I would just adjust the Cubase project going back to the master return on the mixer. Which isn’t ideal because I’d have to edit the actual project mix every time we tracked something, so it was very inefficient.


use the control room.

press F4, pick control room and setup the different outputs you want there.