Please, help: Cubase 7 5.1 bus with UR824 and Logitech Z906

Hello, please, help me…

for a new composition with a lot of fx, I just wanted to try using the 5.1 output of the UR-824 (drone sounds moving around the room would be quite cool, right?). I am an absolute newbie but before asking here, I have tried everything and I have even read the f* manual, but probably I did not understand everything. As much as I know, I have to use the ADAT mode of the optical outputs, because this mode provides up to 8 channels (or whatsoever depending on the bit rate), and SPDIF provides only 1 stereo channel (L/R).

The Steinberg UR824 is connected with the Logitech Z906 with an optical cable (output A from UR-824 to input 4 in Z906). This works correctly when I use the SPDIF mode of the UR824.

I created the 5.1 output bus (deleted the old stereo one and reassigned all outputs of the plugins to the new bus), assigned the Mix 1 L/R to ADAT Out 1/2, Mix 2 L/R to ADAT Out 3/4, etc. The problem is that when I set the UR-824 in ADAT mode, I get absolutely no sound from the Logitech Z906, while in SPDIF I hear the sound without problems (of course only Mix 1 L/R).

In SPDIF mode, I can position the sound everywhere in the 5.1 field, but of course, when I move it to the rear part I get no sound at all, because I only have 2 channels…

Any ideas? All help would be appreciated!


I could be wrong, but it looks like your speakers don’t support ADAT. If you want to use them in surround, you’ll have to use the analog outputs on the UR824 to the analog inputs on your subwoofer.

At least that’s what it looks like to me.

Yes, I agree with Strophoid.

It seems the only way to use the digital inputs for surround is to supply an encoded signal, whereas the 3x3.5" analog inputs for computer cards would enable you to supply the 6-channel direct signals to the device. I.e. it can decode digital surround signals, and it can handle six direct analog signals for its surround output.

I have never looked into the matter of encoding, but I believe Cubase does not have the ability to encode audio for outputs, but instead deals with direct audio (to use the same terminology) channels. So while inside Cubase, you would handle X amount of audio channels to present audio to a surround system of X channels (e.g. six for 5.1) and appropriate inputs. So Cubase handles multichannel audio, just not, as far as I know, in coded formats.

(So I may be wrong!)

Hi Strophoid and Elektrobolt!

Thank you for your help! As far as I read you’re right that Cubase does not encode the signal to DTS or whatsoever (there is an old VST plugin for Nuendo, but it’s not supported anymore, and it’s only used to encode the final export to file). I’ll buy some cables and try to use the analog outputs (in the 21th century!)…

Greetz from Berlin,