Please help decipher customer service response

I’m so confused. This happens every time I email any customer support. The answers are never clear. His response is that it’s not possible, it’s intended for Hypersonic 2. My question was would Absolute VST collection allow Hypersonic 2 use like Halion Sonic does, because it includes Halion Sonic 2… so it being intended for Hypersonic 2 would mean it IS possible.

He basically told me yes and no in the same sentence. What am I missing here?

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Hi Paul,

It is my understanding that it will not. The license and usage of that license is intended for Hypersonic 2.
I am aware that you encountered conflicting information previously (forums, support communication, etc.) and that users were able to open one product with the other.
However the license is not intended for that purpose and is not supported for that purpose. i appreciate the apology. Legacy products can be confusing for sure. We want to see everyone get as much as they can from our product line.


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Mr. Davis,

If I could trouble you with one more question, I’ve scoured the Internet to no avail. Would a purchase of Absolute VST Collection license allow Hypersonic 2 use? I know it includes a license for Halion Sonic but it’s an all inclusive license for all bundled software so I didn’t know if Hypersonic 2 or the elicensor would recognize it the same as a Halion Sonic license.

Thanks for your time and regards,