Please HELP!!!Delayed write failed!!!

Hi there I was hoping someone might be able to help me. I have suddenly started getting a ‘delayed write failed’ when I am about 5 - 10 mins into a project & once I get this I cannot save the project :cry: This is a recent issue & the only thing I have changed is my sound card from an edirol UA25 to a focusrite saffire 6 & then optimized my sytem as they suggested. Both tech support for Steinberg & Focusrite are saying it is not their issue. I have tried turning off the auto save as I thought this might ve the issue however it still persists!!! I am using an external harddrive which is a seagate goflex 1 TB.

Please help me as it driving me MENTAL :imp:

Complete system specs?

Hmmmm I will do my best. What other info is needed apart from it being a PC running XP service pack 3 with cubase 5?

Correct ASIO driver selected? Drivers/ firmware up to date? Memory usage in the project? Trash Prefs?

Correct ASIO driver selected, as far as I am aware( i am having an issue with the sapphire 6 losing all audio & then when I start cubase up again its all there?) & due to this issue I have installed all new drivers. The memory usage in the project can be minimal & the issue occurs & the delayed write issue does not appear to be related to the project in that the file names ect dont appera to being used. Trash Prefs i couldbt tell you about as I dont knwo what they are :blush:

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Re: losing sound, is Release ASIO Driver In Background un-checked as it should be in Device Setup? Is Windows set to use a different soundcard than you’re DAW interface?

Have you turned off ‘allow the computer to turn off this device’ in device manager (device->power management)? This is a typical USB error, where the USB plug gets pulled before the system has flushed all its data. It may also occur if the system turns off the external device prematurely.