Please help fast! VSTi's only giving me stereo outputs

Multi-output plugins like NI’s Battery3 are only giving me stereo out’s in the mixer in Cubase 6. The plugin is set for 8 stereo and 8 mono but I only get the one master stereo out. Same thing for every other multiple output plugin. What gives here? In SX3 it always created the extra channels no problem.


OK, I found the answer searching this forum, I needed to click the little arrow in the VST rack next to the plugin name to activate all output. Now the question is… is there a setting so I don’t need to do this every time, that would get really annoying to have to do every time.


I’m not aware of any way to do this by default. However, adding a multi-out instrument is a ‘lot’ of work so I create a default template that has my usual VSTis with all of the right channel settings and midi channels mapped and grouped in folders.

This infuriates me to no end. If there is no solution to this I will have to abandon any hope of using Cubase 6. I too use templates but they only go so far. Sure I could do one for my metal band with Superior Drummer 2 since that’s the only drum software I use for that project. But my electronic project uses TONS of VST synths that are multi out and I add new instances in the songs all the time. I often have 2-3 Battery instances running for different kits for example. And I don’t know what synths will be in the song so I can’t preempt it. I also noticed there is no quick way to deselect outputs you don’t want to see since “activate all” completely disregards the plugin’s settings. So for Battery I also see all the outputs I don’t want which means I have to click each and every one individually to turn it off and clean up the mixer. To make matters worse, I have to click a friggin confirm dialog box each time. Then when I add another VSTi with multiple outs I have to go through this headache all over again.

This ridiculous implementation completely supersedes anything I would gain in workflow going from SX3 to Cubase 6 with the way I work. Is this really not a problem at all for others?? Do very few use multiout plugins?? Especially for drums it’s often critical to EQ each sample or group of samples independently, or even just adjust the volumes. Sure this isn’t a big issue for VSTi’s with less outputs, like say 4, but I’m dealing with 32 output VSTi’s in a number of cases.

Man, what a huuuuge disappointment. I hope there’s a solution to this out there.


There may be a way to do this that I’m not aware of.

Typically I’d use one multi-out drum plugin per project, so templates work for me. When I add more synths on the fly I use instrument tracks. I do wish there was the equivalent of instrument tracks for multi out plugins.

What solution would you suggest rev?


If you think that’s cumbersome, I’d suggest you stay well away from Logic! Now that’s poor.

Why don’t you use projects templates with 3 instances of battery with multiple outputs and anothers VSTi ?

@Hippo - Steinberg should include a preference option to choose which behaviour one wants. I would choose for Cubase to map these outputs by default. The other problem with the way it is now, is Cubase completely disregards the plugins output settings. If I have Battery setup for 4 stereo outs and 8 mono outs, for example, I should not be getting every possible output the plugin offers when choosing activate all. I should only see the ones the plugin is set to show. Another thing I noticed was if I add outputs as I go along they display in the mixer in the order I add them and not numerically. So channel 19 will be sandwiched between channels 1 and 6 for example. This makes it harder to quickly locate a mixer channel when there are a ton of channels in use since I can’t just scroll to where it would typically be placed.

@babaorum - that’s not a good solution. I use way too many vsti’s to possibly know what I need in a song and I don’t care to waste CPU power or memory for something that might not be used. I don’t want to add all those Battery’s if I will turn out to not use them.


Rev, I would suggest rather than getting flustered there are solutions all around you for the specific “problems”…And Hippo has commented in many posts of the logic behind why cubase dows what it does.

As was suggested using project Templates with output configs already set,and also including the fact of switching any temporary unused vsti’s OFF. and for any Battery kits, you can purge samples to ease the memory no end.

Also you can select which outputs you want to activate on an individual basis…and only activate the outputs of your choice (via the blue triangle toggle on the VSti panel).

Cubase does what it does with stereo/multi outputs for many valid reasons, search thru a few of Hippos posts and read a bit more in detail. :smiley:

I’m sure it is valid for the way some others work, but keep in mind for me I have never had a single issue with the original way this was handled in Cubase SX3. I just can’t understand why they didn’t include these new options as a feature (where you have a choice), not a replacement in design. For those that are very comfortable with the original way this worked it can be a bit jarring to later find out you need to manually enable and disable all the extra outputs each and every time the plugin is loaded newly in a project.


Hi Rev

While I support some changes to how instruments are instanced, in particular the rack, it must be said that to do anything at all in the area you propose would take yet another preset format to be devised but take heart, since already now there are presets for group tracks AFAIK.

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