Please help Google drive filestream 37ver. and cubase,nuendo project problem

I am a user of Nuendo 8 and Cubase 10.
Google Drive FileStream uses unknown buffering and lags when working with versions 37 and up.
I am a user of Nuendo 8 and Cubase 10.
Google Drive FileStream uses buffering and lags unknown inside Nuendo when working on versions 37 or higher or new version
So I was using version 36 without Google updating. I don’t know what to do now because Google says it has to update it unconditionally.
Please give me some advice.

Cubase does not support file sync apps like Google Drive.

My advice would be to find a different file backup strategy.

Good luck to you

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I back up manually. Have never trusted automatic backups, except for my system drive on my mac laptop.

All work projects get backed up, artisanally, by hand, by my own very self. Into three different places, only one being the “cloud”, and then only if the client asks for this type of service.

I don’t understand the problem; our whole facility (6 rooms) uses Google Drive Filestream as part of our backup solution, we’ve never had an issue and all sessions always backup perfectly. I’m traveling and just pulled down a session to work on from Gdrive, everything is working as it should. There is a problem where sometimes Gdrive does not download every file needed and a few have to be downloaded manually but from what I’ve read that is a Google issue, not exclusive to Cubendo. john

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The problem is it requires occasional care from the the user- it’s a non-issue in a pro shop where the level of expertise makes this a trivial thing.

Anyway, this has nothing whatever to do with Cubase, which is why I said it’s not supported.

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