PLEASE HELP- I cant even submit a support ticket

Everything worked great until I broke my dongle (elicenser) after a show one night…

GOAL: Get my new Elicenser to work

Problem with Support Ticket
-I tried to submit a support ticket, but, my Cubase 7 software does not show I registered. Of course I registered, no idea why it would not populate in the drop down field
-I tried to type in my activation number for the Cubase 7 software to register in My Steinburg. This is the error I received “The eLicenser assigned to this Activation Code was already registered by another user.” I purchased Cubase 7 from Guitar Center. I have all of the disks, box, and everything. Never let anyone else download or “borrow” my software. One license is on my desktop and another is on my laptop. Both need to connect to new Elicenser.

The real issue
I initiated Zero Down Time in December of last year and only have a few hours left before I get locked out, have another show tonight, and need to finish the next album. Need Help Fast. My new Elicenser is properly registered to my profile. I think the next step is to have Cubase registered to my Elicenser, but, that is impossible if I cannot talk to Steinberg about the registration issue. If anyone can please help or send a message to Steinberg, it would be greatly appreciated.

The email that contained the ZDT license also contained the info you needed to get the license from the broken dongle transferred to the new one. Did you do what it said to do?