Please help! I can't work! Problem with C12Pro's license

Hi! I sent a request to Steinberg support last sunday, but they haven’t answered me yet. Is this a normal waiting time? In the meanwhile I try to ask the question here, hoping that someone can help me!

I bought on Steinberg website the new Cubase 12 pro, as an update of my Cubase 11 pro.

Before buying I was testing on my system the new Cubase 12 pro with the demo version I downloaded from their website. The demo version expired the day after I bought the new Cubase 12 pro.

Now, in the Steinberg Activation Manager I have two Cubase 12 pro, as you can see in the 1.png attached file: one is the demo version, expired of course, and the other is the full one I bought the 13 May 2022.

The problem now is that when I start Cubase 12 pro, the Steinberg Activation Manager start and it find that the demo version is expired and it ask me to buy the license (2.png), but I have already bought the license! It says to me about the two cubase license (demo expired and legit one) but it stop on the demo expired one and the result is that Cubase 12 pro doesn’t launch! (3.png).

How can I solve this and use my Cubase 12 pro???

Thank you to all!

PS: text in the images is in italian

Run Steinberg Download Assistant and let it complete any updates to Steinberg Activation Manager, which will happen automatically if needed. SAM 1.2.0 shown in your screenshots is out of date.

Reboot your computer and try Cubase Pro again. Has this fixed the problem?

Yes, now it works! Thank you very much, David!

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