please help!! I faced Horrible lack of support


I’m hoping someone at Steinberg is going to read this.

I’ve purchased Cubase 10 Pro, and of course the USB licenser to go with it, on the Steinberg web store.
Guess what -
the USB dongle never arrived (it’s been over a month now)
steinberg sent me a DHL tracking number, but DHL tracking system says they didn’t actually receive the package from Steinberg
I created a support ticket at asknet. they don’t reply or react except for a generic automated reply.
when I created the support ticket, a user account was created.
then I got locked out of asknet user support because the password they sent me doesn’t work and “reset password” feature is broken.
nobody at responds to any of my e-mails regarding these subjects.
I am extremely disappointed, having spent good money on the product that is not delivered and the seller ignores me.

I don’t know what else to do.
Unless someone at Steinberg steps up and fixes the issue,
next step is going thru paypal and credit card company to try and get refund and forget about Steinberg altogether.

I would do your last suggestion, thats just me though. Despicable service and not deserving of your money IMO

Hit up a moderator here directly , worth a shot

Ahh yea steinberg support is really bad

Waiting for over a month now for ANY SUPPORT from Steinberg… Have 2 tickets open, and all you get is an confirmation.
This is the worst company for support.
and no comment whatsoever from those Germans.

Hi Oleg,
I am sorry for this. According to our online shop partner, they had around 300 USB-eLicenser orders that weren’t processed by DHL and returned to them last week. They have been sent out again now and I have asked Asknet to get in contact with you regarding the details.