Please Help (Im a beginner)

first off, I’m VERY new to cubase LE5. I just bought it last week. However, I can’t seem to even get the basics down. The manual is not helpful as it uses a bunch of tech-savy jargon I don’t follow very well. My current issue is that I simply cannot add tracks to the project. all my connections are right (as far as I know) and I followed the quick start guide exactly. I’m incredibly frustrated. It’s probably a simple fix too…thats what makes me angry! Please help if you can. It won’t even give me the option to click add track or anything…

The interface is a Tascam us 600

So you go to “project” -> “add track” and then select the type of track. When you say it won’t let you do you mean it is greyed out or it just doesn’t do anything? Also, please confirm you have created a new project first. If not, go to the file menu then select “new project”. Screenshots would be most helpful in this situation so people can see what you are seeing. Also, in order to help you, let us help you with some of the jargon words so they will make sense to you.

r08guitar: Also – Watch a bunch of these Cubase Le4 videos on Youtube

Best Video
For the above video Substitute Tascam US-600 for Tascam US-144 when watching

They helped me get started a few years back

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Yeah, it’s greyed out. I’ve created a new project and followed all the instructions in the quick start guide. I’ve set the US600 as my interface in the devices menu as well. I’m currently not at an area where I can do a screenshot but I will later need be.

I’m still waiting for some help…

The “add track” menu under “project” is totally grayed out. I’ve created a new project and set my US600 as the interface as well. Also, for some reason, it won’t let me create a new folder to save the project in…not sure if that tells you anything…

So far I am very disappointed with Cubase. I was under the impression that it was relatively user friendly. Although I am a beginner, i should still be able to reasonably find my way around the program…I’ve used Live for recording before and so far, it’s easier to use…

Please, just give me whatever advice you can. I really want to learn the basics of this program at the very least.

r08guitar: do these steps

  1. First —open cubase
  2. top left click on “FILE”
  3. click on “NEW PROJECT”
  4. Click on “EMPTY”
  5. CLICK “OK”
  6. Click on “MY DOCUMENTS”
  7. CLICK “OK” — (the whole Le5 project page should be there now)
  8. Now click on “Project” - Top Left
  9. click on " ADD TRACK"
  10. CLICK on " AUDIO"
  11. CLICK “OK”

ro8guitar: note—if you skip steps 1 through 7 thats why “AUDIO” is greyed out
under Project :wink:

After resolving this issue, I highly advise you to check that tascam video out from my other post.
Cubase is fairly easy to use once a person gets the essential steps down.

Hope this helps

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okay so I got the issue resolved. NOW I’ve got my Shure SM57 connected to the interface and is mic’d up to my amp but I’m not getting signal from it…?

Is the track monitor enabled?

yeah I got it now…dumb mistake on my part! Thanks for the help guys. Odds are I’ll be back soon to seek more advice :wink: