Please help im an uber newbie :(

First off hi all :slight_smile: im glad i finally went down this route as the quality of sounds i have been getting are far better than the £££’s of amps and pedals i have/had so i want to make sure i get everything right.

Im useing guitar rig 4 le with the native insturments kontrol 1 and cubase 5le, it took me all my time to figure out how to use gtr4 with cubase but im sorted on tht side of things now (joy) But when im playing or recording via cubase the sound comes via my laptop and not my audio interface/headphones, how does one achive this? i tryed the whole trail and error thing and got nowere :frowning:

Also once i have made a song how do i convert it to mp3?? these are my only major hurdles at the moment and everything else seems nice and simple (so far)

not an insentive for you cubase boffins to help me but if i get it all sorted and like what i can do i am defo in the mind to buy the full version be it 5 or 6 lol.

Thanks in advance for any help and please speak in simple speak im brand new to all this and by god theres alot to learn.

Peace Jason

Devices-Device Setup, make sure the correct ASIO driver for your interface is selected. Devices-VST Connections, make sure the correct in and out ports are selected.

Export as 44.1k 16 bit and use iTunes or Lame to convert to MP3.

Thanks a million big help :slight_smile: fixed my minor lag problem too :smiley:

Hi again chaps i have one more question for you :slight_smile:

I figured out how to get Native instruments kontact 4 onto cubase (i use this for my keyboard) but when i hit my keyboard nothing happens, i take it i need to load my keyboard in there somehow but i got no clue :frowning:

Many thanks again

Getting Started Manual covers audio and MIDI setup. :wink:

You need to go Device Setup-MIDI Port Config. and make sure your MIDI port is the only one selected to show and the only one assigned to All MIDI Inputs and then select it as the input of the MIDI track. You also need to enable the Monitor button on the MIDI track.