Please Help Me Activate My Cubase Al5 !!

I bought my first Yamaha AudioGram 3 interface from a local music shop about 6 months ago
I download the Cubase Al5 software and It limits me for 30 days … I ignored the limit time and doesn’t open Cubase at all
instead I used Guitar rig 5 to practice guitar…
now 6 month later I put up my DVD that comes with the product and try to get Cubase to work with no luck !
I tried to get a eLicence activation code from “My Licence” tab but there is nothing listed … whenever I open Cubase exe It tells me this “If you want to continue using the program, register now with Steinberg, Free of charge, to active the program and obtain access to out online support services” with 2 select buttons (Register Now) or (Cancel)

I really need a recording system for my guitar and I already bought the product so why I cant use it already !!? :exclamation: :question:

Thanks for any help and please any tiny thing would help.

Hopefully the instructions in the link will assist…

Regards :sunglasses:

Ok I will take a look at the link and replay with news.