Please help me burn my cd - aaargh

I swear, I did RTF…err…M. :unamused:

I’ve assembled my songs in the Montage window and finished tweaking. I then rendered it to
a finished file which showed up in the Audio Files window - and there are all my songs with the
markers right where they should be.

I went through this process with an earlier test run - and once I rendered, a window popped up in the
Audio window asking me if I wanted to ‘burn cd’, which I did - and all went fine - though that file was not
a keeper.

Now I believe I’ve got my final product, and after I rendered and was asked if I wanted to burn a cd, I clicked
that window away, because I wanted to give the songs some more listens to make sure I was satisfied.
Now that I am - I can’t get that burn cd window back. I’ve searched high and low through the menus and
right clicked on every square inch of the screen - and I can’t find it. In the ‘help’ :slight_smile: file, it says to click on
the icon of the cd with the red arrow pointing into it. The only place I can find that icon is in the utilities menu,
and it only gives me the option to ‘burn audio cd from DDP image’.

So did my opportunity to burn my cd pass me by when I clicked away that first window? :slight_smile:

I use Cubase 5 - and I’ve used Soundforge/ CD Architect in the past, and I gotta say - WL7 is by far the least user friendly program I’ve used.

Here’s the icon, you have to open CD menu in Montage… (right click on the menu bar, or go to “Workspace > Specific tool windows”>CD).

Thanks, Marco, for taking the time to -show- me. :sunglasses:

I’m a little confused though. I realize that my ears are the what’s most important, but when I’m
burning a cd - I liked being able to -see- the final file that I burned to make sure that it doesn’t look too squashed.
Sometimes the ears can get fatigued and it’s good to be able to -see- that you haven’t made it too loud/clipped.

What’s the point of transferring the markers with the rendering into the audio file window - if you can’t burn it to cd from there?

I see that I can render the montage into a new audio montage - so I suppose that would do the same thing?
How do you do it when mastering an entire cd?


You don’t mention which version of WL7 you have… If you have Elements, you have to burn from the Montage window. If you have the full version, you can drop CD track markers into the full file in the edit window. This file can then be dragged into the CD burning window (only in the full version) and all the tracks show up. The latter is how I prefer to do it…

Thanks for your reply, Dave.
I have the full version of WL7. ok, I didn’t have the cd burning window opened - didn’t know I could. There are
no step by step instructions for this in the manual. Once I open the cd burning window, I can then select the file
menu at the top of that window and select the project I want burned. Dragging from the edit window didn’t work for me - which tool do I have to use to drag it?

Sorry for the delay… been away.

You just need to drag the name “tab” for the open file in the editor to the CD window. It should drop into place. If you don’t have any CD track markers in the file, WL will place them automatically.